Lois Wortman



 About Lois

Lois and her husband Jack are active retirees who live just outside of Medicine Lodge.  They have delved into many endeavors over their many years together, and candle making is one of those interests.


Foundly known to her grandchildren as "Doot," "Doot's blue house" is what Lois' grand-daughter used to call their home when she visited.  So, in honor of her grand-daughter, Lois named her line of handmade candles appropriately for where they were created -- in Doot's blue house!


Lois uses 100% soy wax, and her candles burn beautifully -- very clean and soot free.  Her creative scent combinations offer something for everyone, with some seasonal choices, such as "Christmas Tree."

2010 - present

2010 - present

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